My 10 favorite Android Apps

By | May 12, 2009

Today I want to tell you my 10 favorite Android applications. As you might have guessed already, I have one of those T-Mobile G1 and I love every bit of it!


This applications is my trip to twitterland, every while and then, when I am not at my desktop, I look up my latest tweets or post a “Hello” here and there.


Since my G1 is giving a “beep” everytime I get an E-Mail I use this application to set specific time frames when the device shall be muted or reactived. I don’t mind the beep, but my girl friend was driving me nuts everytime she woke up because of it. 😉

Battery Status

No need to explain this one, don’t you think? 😉

Delicious Bookmarks

Bookmarks, like in the sidebar to the right side, can be stored on this Google).

RTM Tasks

Helps me keeping track of my ToDo lists.

Toogle WiFi

One-click solution to activate the wifi controller. When I am home, I don’t want to miss my DSL broadband connection.


Keeping track of all the password you collect in the wilderness of the internet keeps your brain very busy. Fortunately there are tools like this which help you save your precious keywords in an encrypted database. Don’t forget the master keyword!


Mobile SSH client with key authentification. When this server goes wild, I have used it the wrong way 😉


This application is a mobile client for the an online directory for phone numbers and industries. You can get current traffic informations based on your location and it helps you find the nearest coffee house or cashpoint. It’s for Germany only.

The Schwartz Unsheathed

Who doesn’t want to have their own personal light sabre?! 🙂

One thought on “My 10 favorite Android Apps

  1. mike gallego

    I just got my droidX. My favorite app is called “What’s for Lunch?”. It’s an app to help you find a place to eat based on GPS zip code. The funny part is the monkey who will find a random place for you to eat. He does funny things and the backgrounds look like Jersey shore crew, Howard Stern and Charlie Sheen. Funny app.

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