The ‘Dark Side’ of Scrum

By | September 9, 2010

A collegue of mine made me aware of a nice post from Daniel Markham, who’s written on Agile ruined his life“. In most of the post he describes his opinion of agile consultants who try to teach agile and software development best practises without having any clue about the work of a software developer.

But if you’re going to train something, you should be able to do it. And I mean do it to a very high level of expertise. An agile coach should be able to code, perform analysis, manage the project, test — anything that needs doing on a project. If she can’t, then how can you talk to her about your particular situation?

Nice article to read, if you do Agile/Scrum or plan to introduce it to your company. Not that I agree with everything Daniel is writing but there is some (not so) hidden truth in some of his words and phrases.

-> Daniel Markham: Agile ruined my life