klickTel Open-API WordPress Plugin

By | October 21, 2011

klickTel is a brand of telegate Media. The company is offering free and paid directory assistance information to users of their software, which includes CD-Roms, web portals and mobile applications

Just recently they published an Open API to give people direct access to the data provided by the company. I have started to write a plugin for WordPress to use the data from this API. Using that plugin you can search for directory informations e.g. restaurants or other trades in a certain town or nearby.

The API offers several types of search which will be integrated in the plugin. The first type of search is a meta search, which enables you to look for a “what” in a not specified “where”. “What” can be anything name or trade based, e.g. ‘restaurants’ or just ‘meyer’. “where” is a location information, which can be a zipcode or town name and a street name (or a combination of these).

After searching for ‘restaurants’ in ‘berlin’ I get a list of results:

Those are just an example of what is possible with that kind of API. To get more information you can visit the telegate Blog or register for the API directly.

To get my plugin just visit the page in the WordPress Plugin repository. Feel free to ask any questions here or in the Open-API Google Group.

telegate is hosting an event called ‘Hackathon’ to encourage developers to come and try out the Open-API. You also have the chance to win up to 5.000 €!